Make in India

The ‘Make In India’ initiative by the Government is focusing its efforts on increasing indigenous defence manufacturing and becoming self-reliant. The opening up of the defence sector for private sectors participation is helping foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) enter into strategic partnerships with Indian companies and leverage opportunities in the domestic market as well as global markets.

IRAL would like to achieve excellence and strive towards realizing India’s vision of self-reliance in Aerospace & Defence sector through “Make In India”.

The MAKE process:

The MAKE procedure, which is directed at promoting research & development in the industry with support from the government has been revamped.

  • The objective of the procedure is to utilise the private sector & wider participation of Indian industry in defence sectors.
  • Encourage to MSME/start-ups sector for achieving the aim of self-reliance in defence production.
  • Under this procedure, Supply Order is assured to the selected Development Agency (DA)
  • The Design & Development (D&D) cost is reimbursed to the supplier.
  • Make I – Government will refund 90% of development cost to encourage local development; 20% will be given as advance. If vendor develops a prototype but does not get an order within two years, then remaining 10% will also be reimbursed by the Government.
  • Make II – prototype development will be through industry funding, but if a tender is not issued within two years of successful development of prototype, Government will refund 100% of the development cost to a duly selected vendor
  • Make III – preference to MSMEs. In the ‘Make’ category of capital acquisition, government funded projects with estimated cost of prototype development phase not exceeding Rs. 10 crore and industry funded projects with estimated cost of prototype development phase not exceeding Rs. 3 crore are reserved for MSMEs.


In order to become self-reliance, IRAL has carry out intensive effort on indigenization of aircraft spares, components, accessories and parts required for manufacturing as well as repair & overhaul of aircraft, engine and equipments. Primary objective of Indigenization is to achieve Make in India model and reducing dependence on foreign countries for imports of aircraft spares.

IRALs’ major objectives of Indigenisation and categories of items/ spares taken up for indigenization in co-ordination with private partners are as follows:

  • All items/ spares where the technical details / drawings are available.
  • Items/ spares where the technical details are not available but can be easily indigenized.
  • Indigenous development of critical engine aggregate & Complex Engine Regulator.
  • Items/ spares which have become obsolete, or with delayed supply or non supply from Russian OEMs, especially for MiG series aircraft.
  • High value items which are leading to high expenditures for outward remittance.

IRAL Looking For:

IRAL is looking for partners who can associate with IRAL to design, develop & manufacture the aircraft spares being imported from Russia. IRALs’ aim is to reduce the imports and enhance the self reliance.

Scope of alliance and co-operation:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service provider
  • Research, Design and Development
  • Transfer of Technology (ToT)
  • Overhauling and maintenance

For Vendor Registration and deliberation Contact:

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