Product & Services

Supply of Russian Articles for MiG/Su-30 fleet, Transport Aircraft and Helicopters of Russia/ Ex-CIS Origin, including –

Dual Purpose Items.

Raw Material.

Aircraft Spares like Rings, Bearings etc.

Aircraft items like Fuel Tank, Batteries etc.

Standard parts like fastners, special nuts & bolts.

Ground Support Equipments (GSE), Ground Handling Equipment(GHE).

Complex Aviation Equipment like engines, aggregates, accessories,systems etc.

Aviation tyres.

Wheels with brake and brake pads.

Electrical items like lamps, bulbs, fuses, relays, capacitors,transistors, buttons, resistors, circuit breaker etc.

Other Ready Made Articles (RMA’s).

Overhaul and repair of aircraft, engines, aggregates, accessories and systems.

Indigenization of Aircraft Equipments.