Current and Future Projects

  • Technology Transfer: Transfer of Technology (ToT) for overhauling of Turbo Generator TG-16M of AN-32 aircraft to HAL, Engine Division, Koraput, covering supply of Technical documents & Equipments and impart training.
  • Export to Algeria: Supply of Su-30 aircraft avionics to Algerian Air Force.
  • Setting up Manufacturing / Repair Overhaul (ROH) Base in India: IRAL is in process of identifying a suitable Indian company for equity participation to set up manufacturing /Repair Overhaul (ROH) base in India pertaining to Russian origin Aircraft.
  • Translation: Translation of Technical Design documents from Russian language in-to English Language. Further orders for translation of Technical documents are expected from Russia and Ukraine.
  • Export to Friendly Countries: Supply of Aircraft Spares/Avionics, Helicopter Spares/Avionics to Friendly countries.
  • Sale to other Indian Aviation Companies: Supply of Aviation Spares/Raw Materials to other Indian Aviation Companies.
  • Exploration for Helicopter Manufacturing: Proposal for manufacturing of Helicopters in India, with the help of Russian companies is under exploration.
  • Warehouse: Proposal for setting up of Warehouse for Cutting Tools, Assembly Tools and spares support for Su-30MKI aircraft.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): Discussions with HAL Divisions are underway to explore the possibility of entering into AMC for maintenance of Russian Machines, Test Rigs etc.